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More than 25% of website are now designed with WordPress. And more business owners are requesting that they have full access to their own website’s back-end, allowing them to update and change their website when and how they choose.

They wish to add in a new page or blog post, delete a part of a certain page or change the entire theme and look of their website.

Early Content Management Systems (CMS) were hard to use. Even adding in something simple such as a new line of text was hard work. WordPress  to the rescue, its a platform for building and updating websites.

What is WordPress?

WordPress started off as a blogging platform which allowed users to share with the world their passions, hobbies and images. Businesses quickly noticed how easy and straight forward this system was to use and quickly adopted it as their platform of choice on which to build their business website.

Why use WordPress?

Why WordPress is a winning solution for your business website:

1) Extremely easy of use – If you can work Microsoft Word or send an email then WordPress will be a breeze to learn.

2) Millions of businesses around the world now use WordPress. With a massive community online assistance is always online with diy enthusiasts waiting to help you. Is it the #1 choice of Content Management Systems available today.

3) Safe and secure  WordPress is updated regularly which makes it harder and harder for hackers and bad guys to break into your website.

4) It’s free  and governed by GPL a body responsible for free open source software – free to download and use with no monthly or yearly costs.

5) It’s highly customisable – With thousands of free templates or Premium WordPress Themes, the choice is yours. With 100’s of thousands of themes to choose from there is the perfect layout and look for you – available free or to buy today.

WordPress Training in Ireland

WordPress Training Titans in Ireland

Changing themes and the look of your website

  • Installing and editing your WP set-up
  • Adding pages to your site
  • Deleting pages
  • Adding or deleting blog posts
  • Modifying your website for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) purposes to get more visitors
  • Insertion of images and alignment
  • Installing new themes
  • Editing fundamental wordpress core files